When considering what is the best sports nutrition, there are a few fundamental questions you need to ask yourself: Will it increase my performance, speed my recovery and is it safe?

Pure Edge has a very clear answer to those questions: 100% yes.

This is because we take health just as seriously as performance and recovery. Our products are certified organic, natural, and have high nutritional value. They are completely free of pesticides, fillers, artificial sweeteners and flavours.

If you have ever looked at a sports nutrition label and worried about exactly what you were putting into your body, Pure Edge is for you. Our formulations are transparent, pure, and contain meaningful ingredient dosages that will increase performance, speed recovery whilst maintaining and improving your health.



Pure Edge is an authentic Australian owned company based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our hand-picked team are experienced and trusted in the wholefood nutrition industry. They are experts in the field and undertake audits of all food manufacturing facilities in Australia and worldwide that we have a relationship with.

Pure Edge was born from a very specific need: to develop and produce high quality, natural, and healthy nutrition products for a market that is over-saturated with questionable performance-enhancing supplements. The sports-active market is growing and we passionately believe that sports nutrition has to evolve in order to make safety and health a cornerstone of the industry.

From the sourcing of food all the way to your shopping cart, every step is scrutinized to the highest standards. Our dedication to developing and manufacturing innovative natural health food formulas is second-to-none.



It is in Pure Edge’s products being certified by Australia Certified Organics (ACO). It is in the testing and analysis that we do to guarantee that what is on the label is in the product. It is in our relationships with the industry-leading raw ingredient suppliers, who provide us with only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. It is in our collaborations with the top specialists: nutritionists, naturopaths, biochemists, and food technologists.

The proof is in the performance of our elite athletes, who have seen increased energy levels and faster recovery rates since switching to our range of products. This translates to increased training efficiency and improved race performance, which athletes can’t stop boasting about. Click here to see our ambassadors.

With Pure Edge the only things breaking are your limits of performance.