Gavin Johnston


Gavin Johnston is a Physiotherapist at East West Physiotherapy. He has spent the last twenty years searching for a clinical model that supports his patient’s postural system. Now termed the ‘neuro-myofascial web’, it’s a highly plastic system, which is continually adapting and remodeling.

Gavin has studied with pain scientists, physiotherapists, dentists, osteopaths, chiropractors, myofascial specialists, podiatrists, and acupuncturists. His knowledge base is truly remarkable and he believes that Pure Edge has the same holistic beliefs that he has established in his clinical environment at East West Physiotherapy.

KIM structural integration ran its first ever course in Australia, which Gavin graduated from in July of 2015.


  • 1994    Bachelor Applied Science (Physio)
  • 1999    Acupuncture Training Program
  • 2003    ICB Lower Limb Biomechanics
  • 2005    Clinical Director of the Foot Alignment Clinic
  • 2011    Ridgway Method Recognised Practitioner
  • 2011    Ortho Postural Dentistry
  • 2012    NOI Neural Mobilisation
  • 2015    KMI Structural Integration
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