Kathy Nisbet


Kathy is a Health Coach who LOVES practising what she preaches – especially when it comes to competing in sports! Historically Kathy has competed in many endurance-related sports events (including placing first in her last Multisport event; Marathons and Ultra-Endurance Cycling 200 & 250km events), however as she continually learns more about the human body and its capabilities through her studies and influences, Kathy opted for a change in 2013 and started Bodybuilding. Kathy was fascinated to see how this mode of training could complement her health, fitness, physique and bring greater balance to her busy life. Generally, she finds bodybuilding takes up less time than traditional training for her chosen endurance events particularly given increased time constraints to train with two toddlers. Kathy is passionate about the science behind Bodybuilding and enjoys the creativity that comes with the “sculpting” side of things.

Kathy has competed in several bodybuilding competitions in the Figure/Physique category in NSW, placing third in her second competition.

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