Kathy Nisbet


Kathy Nisbet – Functional Health Coach

Practical, Holistic and Strategic Nutrition and Fitness Coaching to Optimise your Health, Body Composition and Sports Performance

Comprising an effective combination of scientific and intuitive health and fitness modalities, Kathy Nisbet is your trusted holistic nutrition and fitness coach whose passion is to effectively help you to optimise your health, optimise your body composition, cope better with stress and improve your sports/physical performance.

In order to achieve effective and long-term success with your goals, they must be approached using educated and realistic strategies. Education, measuring, testing, planning and accountability are key focus areas of health coaching. In addition, your eyes can be opened to a whole new world of understanding about yourself (you don’t know what you don’t know) and empower you to continue adapting positive changes to your and your family’s long-term health, beyond coaching itself.

Areas of focus include:

  • Nutrition – strong focus on achieving optimal foundational health, fat loss specific nutrition, nutrition to deal with stress, sports nutrition for training, events and recovery
  • Fat loss – no “quick fix” attitude, identify, measure and correct true causes for fat gain
  • World-class bodyfat measurements using BioSignature Modulation Technique. Examine sites relating specifically to hormone, stress and lifestyle factors to make and track more accurate changes
  • Personal training* specialising in rehabilitation, foundation work to improve mobility and rebalance structural weaknesses; and sports-specific conditioning e.g. endurance and power sports, strength and bodybuilding
  • Programming nutrition and training for sports events
  • Functional lab testing to create more specific recommendations with regards optimising nutrition, training, recovery and supplementation
  • Goal setting, accountability, education, ongoing support
  • Identify stress and techniques to manage it: planning, organising, changing, nutrition and supplementation, fitness and relaxation
  • Work with your other practitioners to form a more personalised wellness/training plan
  • Private training studio and clinic; remote consultations available via Skype or Phone
  • References available from both clients and health practitioners

Kathy brings functional medicine philosophies into her coaching to make it a more client-focused, cause-explorative experience for each individual’s own unique situation.

On a personal note, Kathy is a mother of two, lives near Sydney’s beautiful Ku-Ring-Gai National Park (with much gratitude), has 10 chooks, a cattle dog, a husband obsessed with mountain biking, and Kathy herself has competed in a wide range of endurance, multisport and bodybuilding events spanning over a decade. In a past life she also ran a graphic design business.

If you desire optimal health, body composition or performance that’s honest and personalised, please get in touch!


Functional Health Coach DOES NOT diagnose or treat any illness or health condition. We only make recommendations and then educate you about choices you can make from there. You will be referred onto a specialised functional medical professional if any condition of concern is addressed or discovered, during a consult. We also work alongside your other practitioners and can speak with them should we need to find out more specific information in order to help you more effectively.

*Balance/mobility testing is performed before starting personal training. Your existing structural therapists can be contacted to discuss your progress and ensure a personalised and effective training program is created for you. Training philosophies are based on building a foundation of functional strength within the body to improve mobility, posture and movement patterns; then training challenges increase as you progress safely, engaging a more effective response from the body with less chance of injury.

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