Radek Valenta


One thing that has always been important to Radek is the fact that he has been able to do what he enjoys (and has always enjoyed) doing throughout his life. In that respect, Radek considers himself lucky.

After spending the early stages of his life as an elite professional international cyclist, it was a privilege to then complete his higher education in elite sports and cycling coaching – via an Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)/Cycling Australia scholarship at a time when Australian cycling was the undisputed number 1 in the world. The scholarship also gave him the opportunity to further explore his interest in the interaction of sports and scientific research – and then to remain in the sports area as a coach and testing consultant.

Radek loves his job and with over 30 years of experience as a racer, coach, trainer, and sports science analyst he makes a real difference to the lives of athletes around the world that he comes in contact with. His CV would make most people feel inadequate in comparison. Some of his highlights include:

  • Olympic and professional cyclist
  • AIS scholarship holder
  • Coaching of Olympic and Paralympic athletes to medal-winning performances
  • Coaching experience from four different continents and cultures
  • Elite coaching qualification from the University of Queensland
  • Experience in lactate testing, power and altitude training, nutrition and recovery


His services through Zoom in Zones include:

  • Coaching, including detailed training programs for cyclists and triathlete’s
  • Lactate testing to ascertain your ideal heart rate and power training zones
  • Bike fit focusing on your ideal power economy and comfort
  • Indoor training sessions
  • Nutrition
  • Accredited dealer of Solestar insoles

Radek has put Pure Edge products through the paces and believes the natural and organic nature of the formulations and quality of ingredients has seen marked improvements in the training and recovery of his athletes.

For more information on Radek and his services go to www.zoominzones.com.au

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