Green smoothie

Pure Greens Smoothie

July 29, 2016

A great way to start the day or as a healthy pick me up, this smoothie is packed with potassium, good fats, phytonutrients, vitamins A,C & K and antioxidants. Recipe: 1 ½ large frozen bananas 1 tsp of our Pure Greens 200ml of coconut oil 1tbsp of avocado 1 ½ tsp of cinnamon Method: Blend all ingredients […]

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Untitled design-3

I want to loose weight and gain muscle. Does this sound familiar?

June 18, 2016

Dropping weight, or more specifically, body fat, is a very common topic of discussion among most exercise and sports enthusiasts. How to prevent or minimise muscle losses is a big part of that discussion. Pure Edge’s consulting Sports Dietitian, Rebecca Hay of The Athletes Kitchen, takes us through an interesting study into this question. Our […]

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Pure Vitality pancakes

Coconut & banana pancakes with Pure Vitality compote

June 15, 2016

Good for breakfast or even desert – this tasty meal is packed full of energy, protein and antioxidants! Pancake mix ingredients: · 3 Bananas · 5 Eggs (you could also use flax egg if vegan) · 1/3 cup coconut flour · 1 tsp vanilla extract · Coconut Oil for frying Berry Compote ingredients: · 1/2 […]

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Pure Greens truffles

Pure Greens & cacao bliss balls

June 15, 2016

A nutritious snack that offers up good fats and antioxidants to keep you going! Ingredients: – 1/2 cup toasted almonds –  ¼ cup coconut oil – 1/2 cup shredded coconut – 2 tsp of Pure Edge Pure Greens – 7 dates (pitted) – 1/2 cup raw cacao (optional) Method: 1) Blend all ingredients together in a high […]

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Raspberry& Cacao Nice Cream

Raspberry & Cacao ‘Nice-Cream’

April 16, 2016

This one will get you taste buds wanting more. Ideal for a healthy desert when you have your friends or family over – but then again, why wait for them! Ingredients Raspberry Nice Cream Layer: 1 large frozen banana handful frozen raspberries 1/4 cup coconut water 1 tbsp. Pure Edge Pea & Rice Protein pinch of […]

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Slash through water

Nutrition planning for endurance events – don’t leave it until the last minute

March 20, 2016

It’s endurance event time of year! There’ve been a number of ultra endurance and endurance events already this year, with a number of half Ironman and Ironman distance triathlons, marathons, bush runs, endurance mountain bike and road cycling events still to come over the next few months. If you’re planning to compete in any of these […]

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Chia Puddin

Strawberry chia seed pudding recipe

February 28, 2016

Here’s a delicious and healthy strawberry chia seed pudding recipe. It’s packed with protein, Omega-3’s, antioxidants and calcium that you can make in under 5 minutes. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or delicious low-sugar dessert. Chia seeds are mini powerhouses. They pack more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries and more Omega-3’s than Salmon. […]

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Raspberry & Banana Smoothie Bowl

Raspberry & banana smoothie bowl

February 5, 2016

              Here’s a delicious and nutrient rich energy smoothie bowl that will kick your day off just perfectly. Recipe: · 2 frozen bananas · handful of organic frozen raspberries · 1/2 cup organic coconut water · 1 tsp of organic vanilla powder · 1 tbsp of Pure Edge Superfood Method: […]

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Rower image for web

Why should I exercise?

January 21, 2016

I love exercise. I find myself climbing up the wall if I have any meaningful time away from exercise activity. For me it is just as much about the physical and health benefits as it is good for my mind – releasing the stress that builds up over time. There are a bunch of good reasons […]

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High fat vs high carb – is one better?

January 10, 2016

We have had many discussions with folks over time about whether a high fat or high carb diet is better for athletes. Personally I’m one that supports a balance between good quality carbohydrates, fats and protein, all these fuel sources are necessary for your body to function at its best. There may be differences about how much […]

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Why go organic?

December 29, 2015

At Pure Edge we bring you the best quality certified organic nutrition available. We believe that our organic and natural ingredients offer great nutrition and health benefits which form the foundation to you being able perform better and recover faster. Organic food manufacturing methods encourage biodiversity, the biological cycling of plants, improved animal health and an increase in available nutrients. […]

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Raw Chocolate Caramel Slice

Raw Chocolate Caramel Slice

December 20, 2015

Raw Chocolate Caramel Slice with no guilt? Is that possible?! This slice is packed with protein, good essential fatty acids, antioxidants and natural sugars. An excellent energy source before a workout or with Christmas coming up it’s a great treat to have around for family and friends. Base: 3/4 cup raw pecan nuts 3/4 cup raw […]

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motivation image

Exercise motivation – some tips that might help

October 11, 2015

I have been into sport for most of my life – swimming, rowing and more recently mountain biking. I have tended to always compete in my chosen sports which has been my motivation to get out and exercise/train. I have had many occasions though where I found it difficult to get back into it after a layoff or […]

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Snicker choc slice photo

Raw ‘Snickers’ Slice

October 8, 2015

Here is a decadent and delicious alternative raw-slice-take on the popular choc bar treat! Made with 100% all natural ingredients that is also gluten & dairy free and big time incredible to the taste buds! Recipe: Base layer: – 1 cup of organic desicated coconut – 1 cup of almond meal – 2 tbsp all natural […]

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Pure Edge Superfood Energy – super ingredients

September 20, 2015

Pure Edge Superfood Energy is ideal for fast but sustained energy release pre-exercise. It is also great during exercise to keep those energy levels up so you can perform at your best. Superfood Energy has a blend of certified organic fruit & vegetables within the formulation. Two of the vegetable ingredients, beetroot juice and spinach […]

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Almond and macadamia smoothie v2

Almond & macadamia energy smoothie

September 13, 2015

This is one of our favourite smoothies. A great source of energy and jam-packed full of minerals, vitamins, good fats and antioxidants. With Pure Edge Pure Native WPI providing 100% natural, nutrient rich protein delivering a full amino acid profile and Pure Edge Re-Load delivering complex carbohydrates, Omega-3’s and phyto-nutrients from the blend of certified organic […]

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The truth about fats: the good, the bad and the in-between

September 11, 2015

  We have spoken in previous blogs about fat as a fuel in exercise. This article from Harvard Medical School provides some easy to understand facts about fats – the good, the bad and in-between. For years, fat was a four-letter word. We were urged to banish it from our diets whenever possible. We switched […]

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Fuelling your kids for sport

August 23, 2015

Kids, food and sport….how do you manage? Sport for kids goes all year round. Some kids are very serious about their sport and some do it solely for fun. Regardless of why they participate in sport it is important that they feed themselves the best foods during the week while training and on the days […]

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Salted Caramel Fudge

Salted Caramel Fudge

July 26, 2015

Here’s a super easy to make no-guilt, nutrient-dense treat. Pumped full of nutritious goodness, these fudgy delights are perfect when you’re looking for a sweet treat. Good source of protein, magnesium, fatty acids and salts – the perfect post workout treat.               Ingredients 3 heaped tbsp Pure Edge Vanilla Pure […]

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Protein muffins photo

Post workout treat – raspberry & cacao protein muffins

July 15, 2015

These fluffy and moist protein packed muffins contain all natural and nourishing ingredients. With bursts of raspberry and hits of cacao, these are sure to satisfy any sweet craving. The protein is a blend of 70% Organic sprouted fermented pea protein and 30% organic sprouted brown rice protein, giving these wholesome muffins a complete amino […]

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anthony shippard

Shedding the winter coat

July 5, 2015

Anthony Shippard is an elite cyclist and Pure Edge Ambassador.  Anthony is just returning to normal programming with his fitness training after having a bit of time off.  We asked Anthony to share his tips with us about how to make it a bit easier to return to training, whatever level you might be at […]

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Banana Berry Recovery Shake

May 19, 2015

Whip up a quick recovery shake as a power-packed post workout breakfast. This one’s creamy and loaded with the best quality protein isolate, organic plant based nutrients, a full range of amino acids, digestive enzymes, electrolytes as well as omega 3’s – perfect for building lean muscle, reducing inflammation & soreness and replenishing muscle glycogen stores. Take out […]

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Fat & Protein as fuel during exercise

May 15, 2015

What about fat? Fat and protein are both essential for a balanced nutritional intake and a healthy body. Athletes, particularly endurance athletes, do rely on fat as an energy source when training and racing. Does this mean that all endurance athletes should consume a high fat diet? I would answer this with a NO at […]

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Raw Protein Super-food balls

Raw Protein Superfood Balls

May 12, 2015

These nutritious balls are very quick and simple to make and a great way to get a good amount of omega 3 from the nuts and seeds! The Pure Edge Native WPI chocolate protein powder makes these balls taste that little bit more indulgent, yet supplying you with an adequate amount of protein to satisfy […]

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salted cacao & nut butter protein slice

Salted Cacao & Nut Butter Protein Slice

May 11, 2015

The heading says it all; Salted, Chocolate and Nut butter in the same sentence and its good for you!? Yes it is true! Made with magnesium dense cacao and all natural peanut butter, topped with Pink Himalayan rock salt for essential minerals, this may be your secret decedent healthy hit! Added with Pure Edge Chocolate […]

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Cacao & Super-Greens Protein Truffles

Cacao & Super-Greens Protein Truffles

May 4, 2015

Cassandra Law from Green Brick Road Health will be bringing our Pure Edge community lots of delicious recipes. Cassandra is a qualified nutritionist and looks forward to sharing healthy and tasty recipes with you all. These delicious protein packed truffles are a great go to treat if you are feeling like a sweet hit or as […]

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Carbohydrate needs during exercise

March 11, 2015

The need for additional energy during exercise depends on the length and intensity of the activity. Carbohydrate, fat and protein are all used to fuel working muscles. The muscles choice of fuel depends on the length and intensity of an activity. At a lower intensity more fat will be used. As the intensity increases so […]

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Sports Nutrition Basics

February 12, 2015

There is a huge amount of information on television, in magazines and books and on the internet about sports nutrition. Everyone has an opinion on what to eat and drink, what not to eat and drink, what to consume when training and racing and what to consume to recover. Is any of it correct? Who […]

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