post-during-workoutAre you looking for a fresh wholefood alternative to Post workout energy supplements currently on the market? Your health as an athlete or exercise enthusiast is a top priority, that’s why our post workout formulations give you the sustained release of energy you need to help your muscles recover without loading your body full of unnecessary additives.

Our Post workout formulation, Re-Load Energy is a natural source of energy for your post workout recovery. It is ideal for elite athletes, regular gym goers, and sports active people or for families struggling to find the right nutrition for kids’ sports. We have packed our blend with superfoods that are great for your overall health as well as digestive enzymes for easy digestion and better gut health. If you are vegetarian this product is perfect for you as our workout recovery supplement is one hundred percent plant based.

Our post workout recovery formulation is made up of selected ancient grains and seeds (oat bran, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa & chia) that are the perfect combination of complex carbohydrates for lean muscle recovery and muscle cell hydration. Re-Load energy also contains phytonutrients, omega-3s and electrolytes – exactly what your body craves for recovery after you push yourself to your limits.

This product is also perfect for athletes with strict diets as it is free of GMO, nuts, dairy, soy & egg products – best of all, it is also free of all artificial ingredients!

Pure Edge is making post workout nutrition products that are healthy and great for both muscle and energy recovery. Your body deserves the best fuel possible. Our post workout nutrition blends are ready to support you in your recovery.

This is the clean and nutritious way to recovery from your sports or training that you have been waiting for. Try the Pure Edge difference today and see how much of difference natural performance nutrition makes to your overall health.

Our Post workout recovery blend also goes great with our range of whey and vegan protein powders so you can be sure your body is getting exactly what it needs to recover strongly from your training and competition.