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Anthony Shippard

Within 5mins of getting off the bike I smash a chocolate Native Whey, sometimes made with a bit of milk for a treat, and know that I can then relax and take the time to prepare a proper meal without rushing. I always know I will feel fresher and better recovered after a serving.
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Rich in essential amino acids, Pure Native WPI promotes lean muscle growth, is highly soluble for fast absorption and quicker recovery time and assists in managing the oxidizing stress of muscles during intense exercise.

Pure Native WPI is pure. How pure? Try 100% natural, delivering up to 95% isolated protein content per serving. Lactose levels are very low at less than 0.2% with improved digestion aided by the addition of the lactase enzyme. Derived from fresh skimmed milk of grass fed cows, it is also low in fat and carbohydrate.

Sourced in France, which applies traditional organic farming principles as everyday practice, Pure Native WPI is extracted directly from hormone-free, fresh skimmed milk. Using a cold-temperature manufacturing process with microfiltration, it allows the withdrawal of both the bacteria and residual fat, whilst still preserving the native character of the proteins. This absence of denaturation enables the proteins to fully maintain their nutritional qualities, such as an excellent amino acid profile. For further evidence of purity, note that Pure Edge Native WPI is also free from Glycomacropeptide – a nutritionally value reducing peptide found in traditional whey proteins. With its composition of soluble proteins, our Native WPI is quickly absorbed, thus ensuring a strong flow of amino acids.

  • 5g of BCAA’s per serve
  • A higher concentrated source of protein at up to 95% per serve
  • Rich in leucine (>3.0g per serve), an amino acid that decreases recovery time after exercise and is ideal for lean muscle mass
  • Rich in cysteine, a precursory of glutathione, which takes part directly in destruction of oxygenated compounds developed during intense muscular exercise (oxidizing stress)
  • Low lactose, <0.2%
  • Uniquely instantised for greater solubility and rapid absorption to speed up recovery time after exercise and to improve digestibility
  • Suitable for the whole family as part of a balanced wholefood, nutrient rich diet
  • Free of GMO, gluten, eggs, nuts and artificial ingredients (preservatives, flavours and sweeteners)
  • Full traceability of protein source and consistent quality batch to batch

Ingredients per 25g serve (Vanilla)

  • Protein Isolate 24.5g
    Grass-fed native whey protein from skimmed milk, lactase, emulsifier: lecithin
  • Organic & natural vanilla blend 433mg
    Organic vanilla bean, natural vanilla flavour, stevia

Ingredients per 25g serve (Chocolate)

  • Protein Isolate 23.3g
    Grass-fed native whey protein from skimmed milk, lactase, emulsifier: lecithin
  • Organic & Natural Chocolate Blend 1.7g
    Organic cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavour, natural vanilla flavour, stevia

Direction for use

Blend three rounded tablespoons (25g) into 300 ml of water or milk for increased daily protein intake as part of a balanced & nutritious diet.  It’s great on its own but for a more complete meal you can also mix it into a smoothie with Pure Edge Superfood Energy or Re-Load Energy. For more creative recipe ideas visit our website.

For Optimal Results

Take within 30 min for a post-exercise boost to aid muscle repair and recovery. For best results combine with Pure Edge Re-Load to replace your carbohydrate stores and recover that lost energy.


Nutritional Information

Servings per container: 40 / serving size: 25g
Typical Composition Av. quantityper 25g Av. quantity per 100g
Energy (kj) 379kj 1515kj
               (kCal) 90kCal 362kCal
Protein (on dry weight) 22.4g 89.5g
Fat – total <0.2g 1.2g
      – saturated <0.2g 0.9g
Carbohydrate – total <0.9g 3.5g
                         – sugars <0.1g 0.3g
Lactose <0.1g 0.2g
Sodium 24mg 94mg

AMINO ACID PROFILE g/100g proteinEssential amino acids (#branched chain amino acids)

Isoleucine# 5.0 Methionine 2.1 Tryptophan 2.1
Leucine# 12.2 Phenylalanine 3.8 Valine# 5.1
Lysine 9.6 Threonine 5.0

Conditionally essential amino acids

Arginine 2.3 Glutamic acid 17.1 Proline 4.6
Cystine 3.1 Histidine 2.0 Tyrosine 3.4

Non-essential amino acids

Alanine 4.8 Asparatic acid 11.3 Serine 4.5
Glycine 2.0


Made in Australia Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients