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Australian Certified Organic

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Pure Vitality is a unique blend of 10 certified organic fruits and vegetables that provide you with a daily nutrient boost. We have foraged the globe for the cleanest, most wholesome and delicious fruits and vegetables and gently processed them into a powder so as not to damage any nutrients meaning you gain the most from your food.

With each serve of Pure Vitality your body will be enjoying a boost of antioxidants, 400IU of Vitamin D, gentle digestive support from the naturally sourced prebiotic blend and a nutrient boost from the delicious wholefood ingredients.

Suitable for the whole family, try adding into your favourite recipes: Protein bliss balls, smoothies and juices, raw baking and lunch box ideas. You can also see how we enjoy Pure Vitality on our blog page.

Pure Vitality contains 10 superfood organic ingredients; beetroot, kale, acai berry, apple, broccoli sprout powder, carrot, spinach, maqui berry, grape juice powder and mushroom powder.

Each individual ingredient contains an array of vitamins and minerals to provide you with a kick-start to your day. The combination of the high potent fruits and vegetables adds additional nutrients to your diet and provides you with energy and sustenance.

The maqui berry, acai berry, grape and beetroot are known to be rich in the colour pigment anthocyanin, which naturally occurs in plants. Anthocyanin is known to provide many nutritional benefits such as playing an important role in reducing cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and improving eye health.

Beetroot and spinach are rich in nitrates, which is converted in the body to nitrite and stored and circulated in the blood. In conditions of low oxygen availability, nitrite can be converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is known to play a number of important roles in the regulation of blood flow and metabolism. Studies have shown that dietary nitrate supplementation increases the concentration of nitrite in the blood and reduces resting blood pressure. It has also been shown that nitrate supplementation can reduce the oxygen cost of submaximal exercise and can, in some circumstances, enhance exercise tolerance and performance.

Kale, spinach and broccoli are all part of the dark green leafy vegetable family. Kale is known to contain folic acid that can boost the strength of your hair, skin and nails. Spinach is loaded with vitamin A, which can contribute to normal cell growth, improved immunity and healthy vision. Broccoli is known to contain the compound indole-3-carbinol that is used in the prevention of breast cancer, colon cancer and other types of cancer.

Apples and carrots are an excellent source of carotenoids, which are a group of A vitamins that include; beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein. Carotenoids are known to fight against free radical damage by preventing the degeneration of the macular and specific types of cancers. Carotenoids also promote healthy bones and skin.

Pure Vitality also contains a natural vitamin D powder derived from the button mushroom, which provides a quality source of organic vitamin D nutrients. Vitamin D is known to be essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous which is critical for building bone as well as reducing infections.

Pure Vitality provides you with a serving of essential fruits and vegetables to enhance your multi-nutrient needs.

Organic Superfood Blend of nutrient-dense concentrates – 4.6g
beetroot whole powder, carrot whole powder, spinach leaf powder, kale leaf powder, acai berry powder, maqui berry powder, apple whole powder, grape juice powder, broccoli sprout powder and mushroom whole powder

Organic Prebiotic Fibre Blend aiding digestive health – 2.1g
sprouted pea fibre >70% insoluble fibre
jerusalem artichoke >450mg prebiotic inulin

Phyoxidase Blend natural antioxidant – 300mg
acacia, green tea & rosemary extracts
natural flavours & sweetener – apple & berry, stevia

contains trace amounts of caffeine (<0.03%/serve) from green tea

Directions for use
blend 1 heaped tablespoon (7g) into 200mls of water daily, add to smoothies, fresh juice or use as an ingredient in the kitchen as part of a balanced and nutritious diet…try adding with any of our favourite foods…chia seeds, walnuts, mixed berries, baby spinach, banana, avocado, coconut water or use in homemade salad dressings or dips. Drink straight away to enjoy the pure goodness!