vegan-protein-powderOften diet restrictions can make it difficult to choose a high protein supplement to assist with your performance and recovery in training. This is why Pure Edge has created an organic plant-based protein powder that gives you the complete protein nutritional profile. Our Organic Pea and Rice Protein Powder is formulated for athletes and sports enthusiasts who are looking to achieve awesome results without compromising their diets. Many people also use our protein as an additive in smoothies and other healthy recipes.

We have developed a wholefood plant based protein powder that is certified organic and has very high concentrations of branch chain amino acids for muscle repair and recovery. Our protein blend is a combination of sprouted fermented golden pea protein and sprouted brown rice protein; two of the highest sources protein in plants. We have also included plant-based digestive enzymes to make digestion easier and to assist gut health.

The Pure Edge vegan protein powders are also free of GMO’s, preservatives, artificial ingredients and common allergens (egg, nut, dairy & soy) making it a perfect choice for athletes and sports competitors who struggle with dietary restrictions or who struggle with digestive complications.

Our organic vegan protein powder goes great with our Re-Load energy post-workout supplement so that you get the combined benefits of muscle recovery and energy replacement from the Re-Load. It comes in a delicious vanilla flavor that will leave you wanting to find excuses to train more. We know you care about your health and that is why our vegan protein powder has the perfect nutritional profile to keep healthy, clean and balanced during recovery from physical activity.

At Pure Edge, we are passionate about clean living and clean training so we make natural performance nutrition blends that help you break through your barriers without compromising on your healthy lifestyle.