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I love exercise. I find myself climbing up the wall if I have any meaningful time away from exercise activity. For me it is just as much about the physical and health benefits as it is good for my mind – releasing the stress that builds up over time. There are a bunch of good reasons to get active – I have listed a few that come to mind but by no means definitive.

Good for the mind

  • Better functioning body with muscles and joints kept moving will keep aches and pains away and will also help with posture – this all helps the mind not to be distracted with pain
  • Boosts confidence and generally makes us happy and proud to be achieving our exercise goals along the way. Exercise also offers you positive experiences from doing new and different exercise routines.  Team-based activities add a social element, meeting and engaging new people can help self-confidence and improve our sense of inclusion.
  • Having worked in a corporate environment for 30 years I found exercise a great stress release. Getting the endorphins flowing allowed me to tap into a different energy system to open up those stress valves! It also got my mind to focus on something different other than my job, which cleared the head allowing me to function more effectively when I returned to work.

Better sleep

For me exercise has always been great sleeping pill – helping me get a deeper and more rewarding sleep. It is best to do your exercise in the morning or afternoon as doing it too close to bedtime can interrupt your body’s urge to sleep.

Reduces sickness

Personally I have found regular exercise has kept sicknesses such cold & flu at bay. Studies have found that people are half as likely to get a cold if they exercise regularly. Of course if you do get ill rest is often the best cure!

Helps you live longer

Sedentary lifestyles have major impacts on our health. There are increased risks for contracting a number of diseases that we hear so much about – heart disease, cancers, diabetes and cholesterol to name a few. If you find yourself a bit desk bound through the day get up and move around once an hour which not only gets blood flowing but is good for posture as well. On top of that try and get around 30mins of exercise in a day – a brisk walk, some laps of your local pool or bike ride are great if your just kicking off doing some exercise.

At the end of the day I think exercise helps us to chill out and generally we can all be a bit happier with less stress, more energy and better sleep in our lives.

Matt Russell, Founder Pure Edge